We offer a wide range of accessories for safes, locks, lock parts, batteries, key blanks. You’ll find the right solution even the most crowded, we have:
  • Identifier – They can write all the information you need.
  • Tabs – They allow you to mark similar keys in different colors.
  • Shotgun – made of capron and designed to hang keys on clothes.
  • tokens – made of capron. There is universal use – it can be used as pendants and as tokens.
  • Colored keys – made of a special light alloy that has the same strength as steel. With many keys, the current key color makes it easy to identify which door to fit.
  • The keys and charms are decorated with a natural cherry tree.
Raktinė.lt has been providing locks, keys and accessories sales and installation services since 1988. We have high quality, world-class certified locks, keys, and accessories. We have selected reliable manufacturers, we are guaranteed the reliability of the product, and the protection of the home. We can offer locks with a wide range of profiles and keys – from medium to high security. The most common break in the room is the lock itself, not the door. It is very useful to invest a larger amount in a lock that you will use for several years. Choose from a range of world-class reliability locks.
The company’s professional specialists will provide advice and all the information you need about the goods you want to choose, which are better to buy, more reliable. Professional staff are well versed in the subtleties of goods, and understand which locks are a good choice. We will be happy to help you choose a lock that meets your needs. Reliable and good choice – one of the most important accents in choosing a door. This way you can feel safe and confident. Let your most precious assets and memories be reliably protected. We have everything we need to protect our homes and premises.