Access control, passage cards

In modern times, the modernization of electronics is becoming inseparable. Cards, fingerprint recognition – is a great way to capture the arrival and departure times of every previous person. From now on you will know the time and duration of each person’s visit. Daily, weekly, monthly subscriptions.

Great news – with a fingerprint lock. You will no longer need to carry keys or cards, just authorized persons will be able to access the premises assigned to them using the finger recognition function.

The company’s administrators will be able to create, manage, issue and revoke their credentials over the Internet using the Internet management portal, which takes a few moments, and also costs the preparation of plastic cards.

The benefits of access control

In the modern world, technology moves to another dimension – computerization. With the help of a computer, it is now possible to equip rooms, flats, offices and blocks of flats and garages and warehouses very easily and with high quality. Using cards or a fingerprint restricts the entry of unauthorized persons into the premises. This reduces the likelihood of theft and hacking.

Access control is used to control access of employees, people, customers, visitors to the appropriate premises, or blocking persons from outside the premises (different persons may enter one room but cannot enter other premises).

Access control is a good way to determine when people have gone or left the premises, so people themselves are more disciplined. With access control, you can protect the sites and parking lots from unwanted people and theft.

Access control system

Access control system consists of two main elements – motion blocking elements (car slip, pedestrian turnstiles, passages) and software.

The first element to guarantee the reliability of access control is turnstiles. Turnstiles are designed to block the free passage of cars, people. The person is approaching the data reader, indicating whether he has access to the premises. Persons without proper permission cannot enter the premises.

Access control software identifies individuals and enters or releases them from the premises. One of the biggest benefits of access control is that it does not cause congestion, as many turnstiles spend up to 30 or even 60 people per minute.

In the event of a fire or other misfortune, the turnstile barracks are lowered or open for free, thus avoiding the problem of leaving emergency rooms in the fastest way.

Access control system uses scanners, turnstiles and gateways. Software and / or accounting and management systems can be used to control these components. The software itself – installed on a server on a computer where the scanners transmit information, and the program itself decides whether or not to grant access to the person.

With the latest technology, an add-on can be added to the ticketing system. The software stores personal data and provides a unique bar code that allows you to sell permissions for a limited period (such as a month, a week) or a one-time visit (10 times or 20 times). This allows you to easily control the access of employees and customers to the premises.

Access control on mobile devices

Access control system can be integrated into mobile device (tablet, phone). A great solution for people to use their smartphone, tablet or laptop to unlock doors, gates, garage doors, warehouse doors, fitness club doors.

This technology stands out for its convenience – individuals need to carry their plastic access cards to enter the premises, now have a mobile device, and the door opens automatically. Also, this solution helps businesses save money and time.

Access control with fingerprint

It is no longer necessary to carry plastic cards and keys. It is enough to scan a person’s fingerprint, which is different for every person in the world. In this way, each person only has a permission to access the premises.

The fingerprint system is the latest technology breakthrough that provides the best value for money, the system itself is really inexpensive, and system reliability at the highest level. Each person has a unique fingerprint layout.