Emergency opening of doors and locks

Our employees unlock the doors of apartments, rooms, cars and safes without damaging the lock. By unlocking the lock we will produce new keys, program it. If it is not possible to produce the key in the key, we can dismantle the lock and make the right keys. If necessary, we will drill the lock. When drilling, the lock is replaced with a new one. In very rare cases it is necessary to change the lock itself.

Customer Advice. Before choosing similar lock or unlock services for other craftsmen, find out if they will damage the lock and do not change it. We always inform the client about the sequence and consequences of the work before performing the work. By choosing the services of our skilled craftsmen, you save your money and time.

We offer protection from unlocking, drilling, and door hinges.

Emergency opening, opening of houses, rooms, flats, safes and car locks and doors

Professional Key Company employees will quickly unlock or open any type of locks and doors. If required, we will arrive at an agreed location, and quickly and without damage we will unlock rooms, houses, safes, and car locks. If you want to be able to produce a new set of keys and program it if necessary, we will bind the keys with the existing lock.

Long experience and customer recognition. We guarantee the quality of our work. After completion of the works, the work guarantee is valid. We will unlock at least any type of locks without damaging the lock. If necessary, we will change the lock and produce new keys.

New car key in just 30 minutes

As the rhythm of life grows, every person is faced with unexpected difficulties – the door lock or the key in the lock gets stuck in the job or meeting, the keys are lost. The first thing to do is to calm down, as Key Professional staff will be happy to come quickly and solve this surprise.

Professionals are well versed in their work, so your lock will remain intact, experienced staff can unlock at least any car lock. Using the latest computerized equipment we will produce a new car key and you will be able to travel wherever you want. Emergency door unlocking in just 30 minutes!

Emergency unlocking of safes in Vilnius

We will arrive, unlock and arrange any type of safe in just 1 business day. Your most precious assets will continue to be well protected. No matter what kind of problem you encounter, Key will be happy to help you unlock the safe. Emergency safes are unlocked for all types and types of safes in any part of Vilnius city or district.

The key is used for certification, and modern equipment will help you quickly, accurately rebuild your safe codes, transcode your safe code locks. Upon request, we will replace the safe locks, locks and keys in the safe. If required, we can offer a wide range of world-class lock manufacturer products.

Most locks have security certificates. We can offer high security locks, which are a great choice. Such locks are very durable and use high quality metal mixtures. Larger security locks are the right choice to protect yourself from long thighs.