Locks and cylinders

We offer a wide range of locks and lock hearts from a wide range of manufacturers. Offered products with certificates. We have selected only quality lock manufacturers who guarantee quality.

We offer locks which are reliable and good, you will not have to survive that the lock will clog or break. It is often the case that cheaper locks fail, locks are made of cheaper metal, which is less robust.

We offer quality locks made of high quality metal. We can offer a very wide range of products, and we will advise you which one is more suitable for you.

If necessary, we will install a lock on your door, helping you to choose the best variation. One lock is designed for industrial use, other homes or garages that are much safer.

ASSA Abloy locks

ASSA ABLOY offers a wide range of lock cylinders that provide protection from proprietary keys, thus preventing unauthorized key duplication. ASSA ABLOY locks are a great choice for using lock cylinders very widely. The lock cylinders come in a wide variety of sizes, from small to large. In this way you will find the right solution for your door. Starting from small premises to large commercial premises that require complex key systems with hundreds of users and premises.

ABLOY locks for commercial purposes are a great choice. The latest technologies have also come to key systems. From now on, the keys have remote control and connection. This allows each key and user to have different access to the premises.


The key belongs to the global “MOTTURA” club and we have an authorized patent no. 3008. MOTTURA locks has up to 30 months warranty.

MOTTURA is a leading lock manufacturer. Designed to protect cylindrical, armored, and wooden doors, safety locks, windows / doors, and hotels, safes. The MOTTURA locks are very innovative, with the latest electronic product line, Mottura X Technology, that introduces upgraded and intelligent solutions to the traditional way of opening, closing and managing doors.

Technology, Innovation and Quality are the guiding principles behind the company’s manufacturing processes to ensure reliable and efficient products in the residential security market. Research and development, production automation, internal testing and analysis laboratories are constantly committed to maintaining high quality management standards under UNI EN ISO 9001/2008.

High security locks

Increased security locks protect at least any type of room against hackers. This type of locks is very difficult to crack and damage. Cylinder locks with increased security have 8 code plates that provide around 100,000 different key combinations. The key can only be retracted when it is in the fully free position of the squeegee or when the squeegee blade is in the lock housing. The draft size is 20 mm.

Larger security locks are a reliable way to protect your premises. The locks are made of high quality metal and have several security systems that will be a difficult solution for hackers. Such locks can only be hacked by professional locksmiths who are well versed in lock design. Increased security locks are the best solution from unexpected trouble. Feel always safe and secure the premises.


Magnetic card lock does not require additional equipment and works independently with cards. If you need to enter a new user, you simply cross the card through the reader. You then cross the user card (may be a bank card) and the user card. The lock is ready to accept a new user. Original and simple!

If your requirements have changed and you need a more sophisticated system, it is easily upgraded to a full set. Addition is done without removing the lock, but only by purchasing an additional software package.

This is the easiest solution for you

Each lock can memorize up to 200 users using the latest technology and meets ANSI / BHMA Grade 1 standards for all climatic conditions. Locks can be powered with 4 standard A4 alkaline batteries. All locks have an output mechanism and a card reader.

When you buy a lock with a magnetic card, you get a package containing all the necessary instructions for getting started. The set includes several types of cards that provide access to the system. There are three levels of consumption

  • for simple user
  • For a higher-level user (opens a lock when something is locked on the inside)
  • top level additionally allows you to program a lock without opening cards

Single Cards – Cards for users, employees to pass to premises, other cards provide access or cancellation to other cards that have been lost or damaged. It is possible to lock the doors for all users, for example, if repairs are done indoors or you do not want anyone else to get there. There is another card – which gives access to all users without using the card.

Unlocking the door using a fingerprint

It is no longer necessary to carry plastic cards and keys. It is enough to scan a person’s fingerprint, which is different for every person in the world. In this way, each person only has a permission to access the premises.

The fingerprint system is the latest technology breakthrough that provides the best value for money, the system itself is really inexpensive, and system reliability at the highest level. Each person has a unique fingerprint layout.

Raktinė.lt has been providing lock sales and installation services since 1988. We have high quality, world class certified locks. We are a reliable manufacturer of locks, we are guaranteed the reliability of locks, and home security. We can offer very different profile locks – from medium to high security. The most common break in the room is the lock itself, not the door. It is very useful to invest a larger amount in a lock that you will use for several years. Choose from a range of world-class reliability locks.
The company’s professional specialists will provide advice and all the necessary information about the locks you want to choose, which are better to buy, more reliable. Professional staff are well versed in the subtleties of locks, who understand which locks are a good choice. We will be happy to help you choose a lock that meets your needs. Reliable and good choice – one of the most important accents in choosing a door. This way you can feel safe and confident. Let your most precious assets and memories be reliably protected.