Unlocking and maintenance of safes

Safes – a guarantee that the most expensive assets will be protected to the maximum. Safe locks and keys are very complicated constructions, so that the safekeeping of the safe is as difficult as possible for thieves. Often, lock keys or locks have immobilizers (microchips) or code cards, codes. In this way, protect the contents of the safe against hackers.

Raktinė has modern equipment for unlocking such safes. Within 1 business day we will unlock at least any type of safe, make keys or arrange safe for further use.

Losing the keys – we can arrive wherever you prefer. Upon arrival we will unlock doors, doors and produce new keys. Unexpected trouble will be resolved without damaging the lock. We have all the necessary equipment that we can bring to the current location of the safe. Therefore, all the necessary safekeeping and repair services will be carried out locally.

The available equipment makes it possible to unlock and repair all types of locks especially fast and safe. Using modern equipment, we will rebuild and recode the safe codes. With over 20 years of experience, we are familiar with the nuances of various safe manufacturers. We provide work guarantees.

Safekeeping services

  • We will produce new safe keys
  • Restoration and Repair of Safe Cylinders
  • Transformation of locks and replacement of cylinders
  • Repair and replacement of safe handles
  • Organizing an electronic safe lock
  • Lost key, lock lock (transcoding) by new key set
  • Qualified Master Consultation Choosing the Right and Quality Lock for Your Safe

Locks and cylinders are mechanically worn under improper maintenance and failure to comply with the maintenance rules of the machines, after burglary, and emergency unlocking. We will be happy to arrive and arrange your safe door by breaking the key or unlocking the safe locks and cylinders.

Fully damaged safe locks or cylinders will be replaced with new ones. We’ll change to a new one or produce new keys within an hour. We repair and repair locks of all types and cylinders. A qualified specialist will advise you on how to choose a safe lock according to your needs.

Professional safekeeping

We will not only do the quality of our work, but will also provide a guarantee for our work. We have over 20 years of experience in handling and changing lock locks and locks. The main criterion influencing the safety of a lock or cylinder is the quality of all the lock elements and their overall.

Using lower quality metal or other construction can help protect against unexpected theft and long stains. Therefore, when choosing a lock, we highly recommend that you choose a higher security class lock, which is a great investment in home security and sustainability.