We have a lot of keys, workpieces. We can offer a wide range of types of keys, and we can offer non-standard keys as needed. We have over 2000 key blanks.

Choosing the right key for garage doors, warehouse or safe is a great choice. Unwanted persons will not be able to produce this type of keys without special equipment and experience, and knowledge of the key form itself.

In practice, this type of key is made for thieves on the spot – impossible. Your most important assets will be protected by professional help. In this way, preventing unwanted persons from overcoming the lock will be much more difficult and will take much longer.

We produce keys for cars, safes, garage doors, houses, flats, rooms – very fast. Is the door lock broken? Lost the ignition keys? Don’t be afraid! The key professional staff will arrive where the car is located, unlock the car, produce new keys as needed, and program the new keys with the car.

The keys are divided into these types

1. Flat Keys
– household
– Cars

2. Safes
– with a cut on one side
– with 2 sides cut
– with a cut from the back
– Cross
– turbulent
3. Special
– with one-sided
– with 2-slashes
– Dots

4. Custom
Custom made.
Raktinė.lt has been providing key sales and consulting services since 1988. We have the keys of high quality, world-class certified manufacturers. We have selected reliable key manufacturers, we are guaranteed key reliability and home security. We can offer a wide range of profiles – from medium to high security. The most common break in the room is the lock itself, not the door. It is very useful to invest in a larger amount of keys and a lock that you will use for several years. Choose from a world-class range of trust keys.
Professional professionals will provide advice and all the information you need about the keys you want to choose, which are more affordable and reliable. Professional staff are well versed in key subtleties, understand which keys are a good choice. We will be happy to help you choose the keys that meet your needs. Reliable and good choice – one of the most important accents in choosing a door. This way you can feel safe and confident. Let your most precious assets and memories be reliably protected.