Sharpening and engraving

Using laser and special tools, professional professionals will sharpen your work tools, household utensils, or engrave the most sentimental memories, images, and information on the chosen surface, item, gift or tool.

We engrave various notes, memories, pictures on the material of your choice. Let the most sincere greetings and reminders remain forever. We accurately and qualitatively engrave the most beautiful memories.

We provide sharpening services to companies and individuals, we work with tools like scissors, knives, cutting tools, blades. If you would like to pick up, pick up and bring back a headset, tool. Jobs will be smooth and fast. Better once with a well-prepared tool, a thing than a twist.

High quality tool sharpening

When cutting, cutting and shaving, various tools and items over time will be removed. We have a good knowledge of how to properly handle various tools. In order to get the right look, you need to know the principles of the metal structure and know the theoretical side of the sharpening properly – if you choose one or another sharpening angle, you can achieve great results – your tools will cut, cut, and shovel as well as new. Sharpening the tool with the attachment – the tool blade is updated. Larger damage in the blade over time will be eliminated, faster than a single tool.

Sharpening seems to be a simple job, but it is not. In order to properly and well-groom the tools, it is necessary to perform several steps. The first step is to knead the tool so that the edge of the blade is aligned. Thus, larger blade damage is eliminated. In the second stage, the blade is sharpened at the macro level. Grinding the blade with a small grit surface compares the edge of the blade, and after a bit the tool gets the right sharpness. In the third stage, the blade is finished with a ratchet. Reinforces the blade edge and removes all dirt, metal scraps. This makes the blade ready for operation and longer use.

Some tools we can sharpen

  • Sharpening Hair Shears
  • Sharpening scissors
  • Manicure – pedicure for pedicure
  • Manicure – Pedicure Sharpener
  • Sharpening tweezers, cuticle removers
  • Sharpening Professional Hairdresser Scissors
  • Work tool sharpening
  • Sharpening Nail Scissors
  • dentistry – sharpening of surgical tools
  • Sharpening medical scissors
  • sharpening cutting tools
  • Sharpening Manicure Tools
  • sharpening the cutting knives
  • Sharpening the cutter blades

We will be happy to come, take the tools and give it back. You will not have to worry about any worries. You will be able to continue working more efficiently. As they say, the scissors cut twice.

Engraving the most valuable memories

With the latest technology, we can capture your most precious memories, notes, and images for eternity. The latest technology goes hand in hand with people’s needs – commemorating the warmest wishes, memories, pictures can be engraved on wood, glass, plywood, leather, metal, plastic, acrylic, rubber, stone, amber, ceramics, organic glass, even on some foods (nuts, pumpkin, watermelon). We can engrave very small memories very precisely. By industrial engraving, we can offer great conditions.

Engraving can be applied in a wide variety of areas. We produce – greeting tables, certificates, diplomas, dress pendants, information boards, tokens, corporate, office signboards, advertising stands, engraving souvenirs and business gifts, pens, home decoration accessories.

Another way of engraving – marking. Labeling – laser marking, a quick way to protect yourself from counterfeiting and theft. Most often laptops, mobile phones, cameras, headphones, bicycles, memory media, work tools, auto parts (car mirrors, car radios) are marked.

Some suggestions for engraving

  • Gift engraving
  • Anti-ABS marking, engraving
  • ZIPPO lighters, watches, thermos, bottles, locks
  • writing tools, work tools, cutlery, charms, medals, etc.
  • Business Gift Engraving
  • Metal engraving
  • Engraving the Wedding Cups
  • Skin Engraving
  • Wood engraving
  • Engraving Computer Hardware
  • Tools
  • Watches, Wallets, Writing Instruments, Keychains, Flashlights
  • lighters, pocket knives and other promotional merchandise
  • Glass
  • Sports and other award tables, greetings, informational, promotional, tombstone, etc.
  • Engraving Field Signs
  • Engraving home and street numbers and naming tables
  • Arms Engraving
  • Glass, Mirrors
  • Engraving Amber
  • Engage work tools
  • Engraving the Wedding Cups
  • Crystal Cup engraving
  • Rubber engraving
  • Car accessories, mirror engraving
  • Metal tool engraving
  • Engraving Medical Tools
  • Home Appliance Engraving
  • Engraving Computer Hardware
  • Mobile Phone Engraving
  • Engraving iPad, iPod, MacBook, iPhone
  • Engraving, Marking, Marking Auto Parts