Programming jobs

Current technologies have advanced further – the old keys now have software codes on a key chip called an otherwise immobilizer. In this way, each key is completely unique.

If necessary, use modern equipment to tie your car or other device with the key. This way the new key will work as well as the old one. The car will recognize the key as the owner.

When the key is programmed, the car will operate as it did. The new key will have full access to the car’s control, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of life. It will take just 30 minutes to make a new car key. The car lock will remain healthy. You can see a wider range in the official Advanced diagnostics page.

Key binding and programming

There are occasions when we are in a hurry and we lose the keys to a car, a safe, a home while traveling. Everything we try to remember where we could leave or lose the keys. One of the most important factors that needs keys here and now is that people are attacking and hurrying. Calm down, Keyword will always help you.

We will arrive, unlock, and produce new keys, and program with the device very quickly. Key personnel – professionals in your area, we’ll unlock any type of locks and manufacturer locks without damaging the lock. Would it be a safe, garage door, car door. Car keys or car key programming will take 30 minutes.

The key production has been over 20 years in Vilnius. We can offer all types of keys, from simple keys to very complex. Keys for Cars – One of the Key Keyword Workplace Casuals.

Often people are leaving their keys in shopping, dining, or just out of the house in a rush or stress. That’s why calling the Key and agreeing on the car keys will be done at your convenience. Key production in Vilnius and Vilnius district is a great choice. Car key programming, production.

Car Key Programming

Modern technologies are moving at a fast pace. The keyword team keeps pace with the accelerating pace of technology. The key professional staff is equipped with modern computerized equipment that can be easily and easily transported.

Without major difficulties, we can unlock a car of any brand or model, make a new car key without changing the lock. By making the key, we bind the key immobilizer to the car’s computer. Keys production in Vilnius – Key everyday life, guaranteeing quality of work and accuracy. You can always call or contact us by e-mail, we will be happy to advise you.

Modern cars use virtually all electronic microchips built into the key. Such microchips are called immobilizers. This ensures greater safety for the car itself. It is much more difficult to steal such a car.

Immobilizer – information transmitter and receiver. In this way, the transmitter in the machine sends the data and the key from the key at the same time. After reading the data of the immobilizer, it is checked whether the data is stored on the computer of the car. If the data match, it’s great. The car key is assigned to be used as the owner’s key.