Lock and cylinder maintenance, installation

We can insert locks into new and old wooden and metal doors, garage doors, safe doors, warehouse doors. If the wooden door is weak, we can secure it in the hinged areas and install the hinges that prevent the door from being lifted. We prepare and change or adjust door catchers, which automatically close the door. We are replacing electromagnetic valves.

Car locks can be changed, arranged. We will unlock locks, cylinders without damage. We will make new car, safe keys and program with car computer. You will feel confident that there will be no problems.

Losing the keys – we can arrive wherever you prefer. Upon arrival we will unlock doors, doors and produce new keys. Unexpected trouble will be resolved without damaging the lock. Our locks and cylinders are recognized by world-class manufacturers. Such locks – a reliable choice, the locks themselves – are much stronger than other manufacturers.

After all, you would not want to lock the key in the morning or lock the lock in the morning. Often, people want to save money – they choose a poor quality lock, cylinders that wear out over time. Such a lock should be replaced with a new, high quality lock. Call and get the best deal.

Key lock maintenance

  • Emergency lock unlock
  • Cylinder Restoration
  • Transforming locks and changing cylinders
  • Installing locks in all types of doors, gates, garage doors
  • Repair and replacement of handles
  • Installing electromagnets and valves
  • Repair, rebuilding, assembly, adjustment of door catchers
  • Installing an Eye
  • Lost key, lock lock (transcoding) by new key set
  • Qualified Master Consultation Choosing the Right and Quality Lock for Your Home Ensuring Your Home Security
  • Call a specialist who will best advise you on how to deal with your case. Sometimes it is better not to rush, break the door, or simply look at the situation and how to best solve it.

Locks and cylinders are mechanically worn under improper maintenance and failure to comply with the maintenance rules of the machines, after burglary, and emergency unlocking. We will be happy to arrive and arrange your locked doors, safe doors, car doors, home locks, apartment locks, or unlock locks and cylinders from inside.

For fully damaged locks or cylinders, we suggest replacing the lock. We’ll change to a new one or produce new keys within an hour. We repair and repair all types of locks and cylinders. Qualified specialists will advise you on how to choose the lock according to your needs.

Trust locks for professionals

We will not only do the quality of our work, but will also provide a guarantee for our work. We have over 20 years of experience in handling and changing lock cylinders and locks. The main criterion influencing the safety of a lock or cylinder is the quality of all the lock elements and their overall.

Using lower quality metal or other construction can help protect against unexpected theft and long stains. Therefore, when choosing a lock, we highly recommend that you choose a higher security class lock, which is a great investment in home security and sustainability.

Unlocking the door using a fingerprint

It is no longer necessary to carry plastic cards and keys. It is enough to scan a person’s fingerprint, which is different for every person in the world. In this way, each person only has a permission to access the premises.

The fingerprint system is the latest technology breakthrough that provides the best value for money, the system itself is really inexpensive, and system reliability at the highest level. Each person has a unique fingerprint layout.