Raktinė.lt long-term experience

Since 1988 we perform key production and maintenance services. We can help to unlock, arrange or replace at least any type of locks or safes. We can unlock locks of at least some complexity. We will come and help you wherever you are. We will unlock the car door, make the key and program it.


We sell goods for the production of keys, from key-making machines, which are fully automated and can be controlled from a computer. Keyboard – accurate, simple, the device allows to save key production parameters. If you want we can also offer key templates with which you can create at least some type of keys. In addition, we can offer key locks. We offer high quality locks that are locked with a key or card.

We offer a range of experience-picked products that can be selected according to your needs, from commodities for household use to industrial use locks, card locks or high security locks. Everything you need to ensure the security of your home.


If required, we will arrive where you prefer. We produce at least some kind of keys, for cars, for homes, for programming keys for cars. In addition, we provide various services for everyday use – we will find the tools and engrave what you want. Years of experience and attention to the smallest details.

Flexibility to adapt to your needs, high quality and years of experience. We do our services flawlessly. Trust your daily tasks for professionals.